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College High Reunion Our Journey of a Lifetime Classes 1959 Thru 1965
Dedicated CHS Alums working into the night hours Planning the 2012 Fall Reunion
Your College High 2012 Reunion Committee
Bill Brockmire 63
Bob Price Price 61
Doris Heise 59
Janet Summers 65
Carol Kranawetter 64
Cindy Schmoll 65
Dave Unger 65
Don Griffaw 63
Carol Koeppel 64
Jim Kelpe 61
Jim Tom Hall 64
Mary Ainsworth 65
Ruth Farrow 60
Kay Gilliland 59
Marilyn Lowes 64
Jerry Schwab 59
Marsha Hilleman 64
John Volkerding 62
We are Planning the best Reunion yet!  says Sue Roussel.
and our “Go to Gal”
Our February Reunion 2012 Planning Meeting